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The optimal design of Portal Frame

Steel quantity of Portal Frame is  related to with Structural Style , Loading , seize of buildings , quality of steel and others , the Construction seize mainly including the Span of  frame , distance of column , height of eave , and Slop of roof , When initial condition confirm of the Project , should find economic and resonable condition in the variable condition .
1)Crane or Working load  are  major factor of column space , When big loading , the column space should small , 6—7.5m is good  , generally is 6m , Small loading the column space used 8—10m , general 9m , increase the column space should comprehensive consider the influence wall purlin and roof purlin for the price .
2)The Span of Frame have the Optimal seize , mainly influence factor are Loading , small loading , 24—36m span is good , big span , economic span is 18—24m .
3)The Stress control of  Steel frame , Steel Structural , structural calculation general used computer program analysis , the Steel frame on the condition of stable ,the stress control of steel parts in the range 0.90—0.95 , The Steel Structural such as cross section of beam height should more high , decrease the thickness of Web plate , that can decrease the steel quantity . when steel frame a little high , general control by stability stress , now can add strong tie bar on the middle of column , decrease calculate height of column .
4) Fly bracing can decrease the length of  rigid frame , when cross section of beam more high , stability stress is control factor , Fly bracing can stop the instable because  beam pressed . the space between two fly bracing is twice as the space of purlin .
5) Frame Structural better used one kind of steel , consider from the economic , when the strength is major factor , used Q345B , when stable is major factor , used Q235B ,  Q345 can more save 15%—25% than the Q235 .
6)The connection of steel column have two kinds : knuckle joint and rigid connection , generally no crane , the steel column used rigid connection , when the workshop have complex requirements , the column used knuckle joint .

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